Dr. Seth Pezar

About Dr. Pezar

Dr. Pezar was born and raised in a small town in Northeast Ohio. Growing up, he always loved going to the dentist, and ended up pursuing dentistry to get people the help they need and break the stigma of having to dread going to the dentist. He strives to make appointments as stress-free and easy as possible while providing high-quality comprehensive dentistry. Dr. Pezar ensures patients make informed, educated decisions about their treatment and overall oral health in a friendly, welcoming environment.

Academic Credentials

  • Mercyhurst University 
    Bachelor of Science – Biology
  • The Ohio State University College of Dentistry
    Doctor of Dental Surgery

Interesting Facts

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Pezar loves the great outdoors, hockey, and OSU football. He’s an avid watcher of Jeopardy and also enjoys cooking and traveling.

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