Grove City, Ohio Advanced Oral Cancer Screening

Identafi Advanced Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer isn’t something to be taken lightly. To better serve our Grove City, Ohio patients, we’ve invested in Identafi. Identafi is the leading non-invasive, multispectral oral cancer detection technology. One of the most important things to ensuring successful cancer treatment is early detection. This machine works by using lights that expose cancerous cells.

To schedule an appointment for oral cancer screening, contact our Grove City office at (614) 871-0088. 

Why do I need oral cancer screening?

Oral cancer is becoming increasingly common. Two primary reasons why are:

  • Alcohol & tobacco use
  • HPV–human papillomavirus

Here are some important facts about oral cancer:

  • Roughly 36,000 cases of oral cancer will be diagnosed this year. (American Cancer Society)
  • 40% of those diagnosed will die within five years. (National Cancer Institute)
  • 90% of oral cancer occurs in patients 45 years or older, which encompasses “all” 84M Baby Boomers. (Oral Cancer Foundation)
  • The high oral cancer mortality rate is due to late-stage diagnosis. (Oral Cancer Foundation)
  • Exposure to the HPV-16 virus is the fastest-growing risk factor for oral cancer. (Oral Cancer Foundation)
  • Men above the age of 45 and elderly patients have the highest risk of developing oral cancer. (Oral Cancer Foundation)

When treated early, you can avoid becoming a statistic. Premier Dental’s goal is to make sure all its patients are free of cancer and can live happy, healthy lives.

Join us in the fight against oral cancer!

The James Comprehensive Cancer Center    Joan's Fund We are fully committed to the fight against oral cancer. We don’t charge for advanced screenings. All we ask is a small donation at the practice. 100% of these donations go to The James Comprehensive Cancer Center and The Joan Bisesi Fund for Head and Neck Oncology. Together, our support can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Schedule an appointment for an advanced oral cancer screening by calling our Grove City office at (614) 871-0088.

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