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Dental Deep Cleaning

A deep dental cleaning goes beyond your typical visit to the dentist. Deep cleaning, also known as dental scaling and root planning, removes plaque and bacteria that has built up along and under the gum line. For an appointment for dental deep cleaning in Grove City, Ohio please call Premier Dental of Grove City, Ohio at 614-871-0088 or contact us today. If you have inflamed gums, you might need a deep cleaning. Inflammation forces the gums to recede from the teeth, which forms pockets for plaque to build inside, which eventually turns into tartar. If this isn’t treated, the bacteria will destroy the tooth, gum tissue and supporting bone. In other words, it is important to stop this problem from snowballing, as this is how gum disease begins.

How Periodontal Cleaning Works

  • We use ultra-sonic scaling devices to vibrate the plaque build-up away.
  • The site is then irrigated, and Arestin (an antibiotic) is applied to the gum tissue to kill bacteria.
  • The patient is then prescribed a special rinse to reduce the bacteria count in the mouth moving forward.

For best results, we might recommend using a power brush and waterpik.

Risks of Gum Disease

Your mouth is the gateway to the body. Keeping it healthy is important to keeping your body healthy. However, gum disease lets harmful bacteria into the bloodstream. This is especially important for individuals with a personal or family history of:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cerebrovascular disease (strokes)
  • Women who are or may become pregnant
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes

  harvard-health-shield Harvard Medical School – Treating gum disease may lessen the burden of heart disease, diabetes, other conditions.

Dental Scaling    Root Planning

Mouth bacteria that enters the bloodstream is harmful and can significantly increase the risks of the conditions listed above. If you have gum disease, treatment is imperative.

75% of Americans over 35 have some form of gum disease; in fact, gum disease is the second-most-prevalent condition behind the common cold. Our perio-program can reverse the disease.

Gum Disease Treatment

Dental hygienists start the procedure with a full examination of your mouth. Then, an ultrasonic scaling device will be used to gently eliminate plaque and tartar with sonic vibrations. A manual instrument might be used to remove any bacteria left over.

Root planing involves detailed scaling of the root surface to decrease inflammation of the gum tissue. The hygienist scales the root surface to smooth out rough target areas, eliminating plaque and biofilm development.

Our Periodontal Process

  1. Recession pocket depth is measured and recorded. Pre-treatment photos are taken to track progress.
  2. Gum tissue is numbed because inflamed tissue is normally sensitive. The cleaning is performed in quadrants: upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right.
  3. Antibiotic is applied to the gums to further fight the infection in the tissue, reduce swelling and halt recession.
  4. Prescription for the proper cleansing rinse will be determined. This will reduce future bacteria growth and help ensure a cleaner mouth moving forward.
  5. Post treatment photos are taken. Gum line measurements are taken and noted. Notes are forwarded to primary care doctors for patients with diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebrovascular disease (strokes) or pregnancy.

Treating periodontal disease significantly reduces the chances of complications and cost of hospitalization for patients with chronic conditions. Periodontal disease treatment is also strongly recommended for those with a family history of these chronic conditions. We’re committed to fulfilling our role in keeping you healthy and enjoying the best quality of life.

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