Cleaning and Checkup

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

—Benjamin Franklin

Dental Cleanings and Check Ups

Regular (every six months) dental cleanings and exams are the cornerstones of preventative dentistry and a healthy mouth. This frequency helps keep the mouth cleaner and allows us to check for problems that the patient may not feel or see. Your hygienist and doctor will show you what they see through the use of small intra-oral cameras and digital x-rays so you see things firsthand and understand any need for treatment. We believe education leads to trust, and trust is essential to delivering great care.

For those who’ve fallen out of the regular hygiene cycle or haven’t been seen in years, we believe there is no time like the present to hit the reset button and get a fresh start! Many patients delay treatment for a multitude of reasons. Let’s create a plan that will serve as your roadmap back to oral health, starting with regular check ups. A healthy, lasting and functional smile is in your future!

What you can expect? Seven easy steps to a healthy mouth!

  • You’ll get a chap stick to keep you moisturized during your cleaning.
  • Make a music selection, then lay back, relax and enjoy your favorite music piped into the room.
  • The hygienist will clean, chart and photograph your teeth, visually sharing the findings with you throughout.
  • The dental assistant will come in to take X-Rays and polish your teeth.
  • The dentist will then review the hygiene notes, examine the mouth, perform an advanced cancer screening, share and discuss any need for treatment and answer patient questions.
  • Children will receive balloons and prizes!
  • You’ll receive your hygiene bag (brush, paste & floss) and schedule your next visit.

Why is it important to keep up with my regular check ups?

The mouth is the gateway to the body. Keeping it clean and healthy impacts many other systems. Missing regular cleanings allows plaque (a form of bacteria) to build up on the gumlines and in the grooves of your teeth.

Allowing this bacteria to persist in the mouth is a root cause of bad breath, cavities and periodontal disease (gum disease.) Gum disease is the second-most common illness behind the common cold, and a leading cause of tooth and bone loss. Gum disease also serves as a pathway for infection to enter the bloodstream, where real problems begin. Regular check ups allow us to assess, treat and cure conditions before they can cause serious harm.

Fun Fact!
Visiting the dentist twice a year reduces the risk of decay by over 60%!

Who should never miss a cleaning and check up?

  • Smokers.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Diabetics.
  • People with active gum disease (recession and bleeding of the gums.)
  • People with reduced or compromised immune systems.
  • People who tend to get cavities or build up plaque.

Advanced technology for the best-quality care!

  • Intra-Oral camera’s and LED monitors to visually verify needed care and build patient trust.
  • Identafi Advanced Oral Cancer Screening Device.
  • Digital X-rays that use almost 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays.
  • Ultrasonic Scalers use a soft vibration to gently remove plaque while reducing time of cleaning and potential for gum irritation.

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